Honda Honda Factory Keyless Entry Remote NHVWB1U523

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NHVWB1U523 Remote
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Worked Great!!!
by Valued Customer - May 17, 2013
Verified Purchase

Ordered the key, came in the mail... Programming was easy and the remote works great! I was worried about it since I didn't have a single remote but it wasn't needed. I now have a ""click click"" again!

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Excellent value
by Valued Customer - December 07, 2015
Verified Purchase

New remote unavailable at the time of purchase so I bought a used one. Very clean, easy to program with the instructions included, and great value. With the key I also purchased, was 1/3rd the cost of a dealer purchased pair.

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Key Fob
by JACKI H - February 06, 2020
Verified Purchase

It came on time. It took my about 5 trys to program it, but finally got it and it works great!! Thank You

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NHVWB1U523 Remote review
by Ray K - April 10, 2021
Verified Purchase

Smooth transaction. Will buy from again.

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Works perfect
by Gregory E - April 15, 2021

I ordered the key fob and had it in a week. I have had my 2003 DX Element for 18 years and a couple of years ago the Key Fob died.....the battery was fine. I had given up on finding another one....even Honda said they didn’t carry it anymore and if they could somehow get it in, it would be about 125 dollars. The reviews on Amazon replacement were horrible so I passed on them. This replacement worked perfectly! Programming was very easy. Worked the very first time I tried it. THANK YOU Remotes and Keys...and only 25 dollars with shipping.....I feel like I have my Element back again.....really did miss the remote.

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Honda Fit keyless
by Montse V - December 22, 2021
Verified Purchase

I got the keyless remote after a few weeks and it is working well. Easy to programming and tracking the item. It is a money saving . Thanks

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Works great!
by Steven T - March 16, 2022
Verified Purchase

Other the way you put in the battery, the remote is an exact duplicate of my OEM remote. It took about 8 tries to get it programmed, but works flawlessly after getting it. Will definitely get another if needed, and may get one for backup!

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