OEM New Factory Keyless Entry Remote PN: 8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA, 8L3T-15K601-AA, F8DB- 15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-ABProgramming: Onboard
Extended warranty is available on the checkout page. All vehicles that use this remote are onboard programmable, meaning you can program the vehicle to accept new remotes yourself without any special tools or knowledge. Free phone tech support is available if needed. Remote For Ford Mazda Mercury Lincoln: This remote features ...
Ford Genuine Parts8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA

OEM New Factory Keyless Entry Remote PN: 8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA, 8L3T-15K601-AA, F8DB- 15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AB

Programming: Onboard


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Item Specifics
Product Type
Regular Remote
315 MHz
Remote Programming
Code Type
Product Character
Vehicle Specific
RF Transmission
6 months

Extended warranty is available on the checkout page.

All vehicles that use this remote are onboard programmable, meaning you can program the vehicle to accept new remotes yourself without any special tools or knowledge. Free phone tech support is available if needed.

Remote For Ford Mazda Mercury Lincoln:

This remote features 3 buttons: Lock, Unlock, and Panic. This remote sends it's signals on a frequency of 315Mhz. This remote will work for your vehicle if your vehicle is equipped with factory keyless entry.

This is a replacement for the factory keyless entry remote on many Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. This remote replaces the following FCC IDs: GQ43VT11T, CWTWB1U212, CWTWB1U331, CWTWB1U345

There were many part numbers for this including: 8L3Z-15K601-B, 8L3Z-15K601-AA, 8L3T-15K601-AA, F8DB- 15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AB

Programming Procedure:

1. Insert the keys in the ignition and turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN, up to eight times within ten seconds, ending in OFF. When the vehicle has successfully entered programming mode, it will lock and then unlock all door locks automatically.

  • (Note: The RUN position is as far as you can turn the key without cranking the engine. If the door locks do not cycle indicating programming mode has been entered, try the procedure without doing step 1 and having the driver door closed. If you still can?? get into programming mode after trying this numerous times both ways then you either do not have the factory keyless entry system or it is not functioning properly. In many vehicles you should end in the RUN position and not the OFF position. If you have anti-theft deterrent then before doing this step you should open the driver door and cycle the power door locks twice. This means you press LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK, UNLOCK. Step ones says to turn from OFF to RUN up to eight times. If the locks cycle before eight times then move onto step 2 immediately. Do not continue cycling the ignition switch.)

2. Within 15 seconds, press ANY button on a keyless entry remote transmitter. The doors will lock and then unlock to confirm that each keyless entry remote transmitter has been activated.

  • (Note: When the first keyless entry remote transmitter is programmed, all existing keyless entry remote transmitters are erased.)

3. Repeat step 2 immediately for each transmitter that will operate the vehicle including your old ones (if any.)

4. If the door locks do not respond for any keyless entry remote transmitter, wait 10 seconds and press the button again.

5. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position or wait up to 30 seconds after step 2, to exit program mode. If a keyless entry remote transmitter has been activated, the vehicle may lock and unlock all doors one last time to confirm.

The following vehicles can use this remote when equipped with the factory keyless entry system:

Ford E-150 (2002-2014), Ford E-150 Club Wagon (2003-2005), Ford E-150 Econoline (1999-2008), Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon (1999-2002), Ford E-250 (2003-2015), Ford E-250 Econoline (1999-2002), Ford E-250 Super Duty (2004-2005), Ford E-350 (2003), Ford E-350 Club Wagon (2002-2005), Ford E-350 Econoline (1999-2008), Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon (1999-2002), Ford E-350 Super Duty (1999-2019), Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty (2000-2002), Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty Stripped (2000-2002), Ford E-450 Super Duty (2003-2015), Ford E-450 Super Duty Stripped Chassis (2003), Ford E-550 Econoline Super Duty (2002), Ford E-550 Super Duty (2003), Ford Econoline (1999-2006), Ford Econoline Super Duty (1999), Ford Econoline Van (2010-2014), Ford Econoline Wagon (2010-2014), Ford Escape (2001-2006), Ford Excursion (2000-2005), Ford Expedition (1998-2001), Ford Explorer (1998-2001), Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2001-2010), Ford F-150 (1998-2010), Ford F-150 Heritage (2004), Ford F-250 (1998-2010), Ford F-250 Super Duty (1999-2010), Ford F-350 (1998-2010), Ford F-350 Super Duty (1999-2010), Ford Freestar (2004-2007), Ford Freestyle (2005-2007), Ford Fusion (2006), Ford Ranger (1998-2010), Ford Windstar (1998), Ford Windstar (1999-2003), Lincoln Mark LT (2006-2008), Lincoln Navigator (1998-2001), Mazda B2300 (1998-2008), Mazda B2500 (1998-2001), Mazda B3000 (1998-2008), Mazda B4000 (1998-2008), Mazda Tribute (2001-2007), Mercury Mariner (2005-2006), Mercury Monterey (2004-2005), Mercury Mountaineer (1998-2001).

  • Battery Included
  • Free Tech Support
  • Guaranteed To Work
  • Tested Before Shipping
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Pricefrom $54.95
Product TypeRegular Remote
Frequency315 MHz
Remote ProgrammingOnboard
Code TypeHopping
Product CharacterVehicle Specific
RF Transmission1Way
Warranty6 months
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Battery Replacement

Remote Batteries

Bring your old key fob back to life.

Buy CR2032 Battery

To replace the battery:

  1. Twist a thin coin between the two halves of the remote entry transmitter near the key ring. DO NOT TAKE THE RUBBER COVER AND CIRCUIT BOARD OFF THE FRONT HOUSING OF THE REMOTE ENTRY TRANSMITTER.
  2. Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals on the back surface of the circuit board.
  3. Remove the old battery. Note: Please refer to local regulations when disposing of transmitter batteries.
  4. Insert the new battery. Refer to the diagram inside the remote entry transmitter for the correct orientation of the battery. Press the battery down to ensure that the battery is fully seated in the battery housing cavity.
  5. Snap the two halves back together.

Note: Replacement of the battery will not cause the remote transmitter to become deprogrammed from your vehicle. The remote transmitter should operate normally after battery replacement.

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