Faraday Key Fob Pouch

Key Fob Signal Blocker - The Car Key Faraday Pouch

RFID Faraday Bag for Smart Keys Protects Against Car Theft

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In the past few years, Relay Style Car Thefts have become more common as 2way and smart keys have become more commonly equipped on newer vehicles.  You may have seen on the news reports about an increase in car thefts in your neighborhood.  The criminals use devices that snoop your remote's signal and then their device sends a signal that your car thinks is the key fob.  This allows them to enter your car and steal your belongings and sometimes the car itself.

By using a Faraday pouch the signals will not be able to be snooped from your key fob at all because the RFID blocking layer in the pouch prevents any of the signals from traveling outside the pouch.

The pouch has a pocket for an RFID card or credit card as well as a car key fob (see photo 6.)  This will prevent theft from your financial accounts or proximity home/work security systems as well as your car with a smart key system.


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Top Reviews
Great product!
by Valued Customer on August 01, 2019
Verified Purchase

"The pouch is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Works perfectly and brings more peace of mind whenever we have to park the car outside or in a parking lot. Test 1: We tried to open the door keeping the key fob in the pouch and less than 1in away from the door handle. The car was unresponsive. Same result even with the pouch open towards the car (key fob in) and 1in away from the door ... Test 2: I removed the key fob from the pouch, got into the car, then put the key fob back into the pouch. The car didn't start and then signalled 'No Key'. I needed to remove the key fob from the pouch in order to start the engine. After many tests and trials, we can say that we are very happy with the pouch and that it's doing the job we bought it for. People who have given negative reviews didn't probably put the key fob into the right pocket. We decided that we are going to buy a few more for friends. It makes a nice gift. The product is very good and customer service is prompt and reliable. Thanks!"

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No more draining the battery in my Lexus!
by Alex B on August 03, 2019
Verified Purchase

My Lexus GS 350 kept having dead batteries. It is a pleasure car and doesn?t get driven that much but that shouldn?t have caused a reoccurring issue. When they came and asked where I keep my Smart Keys I said upstairs in the kitchen. The garage is downstairs on the other end of the house. They said they thought they were draining it because of all of the technology the car and the Smart keys are constantly sending out signals to detect each other. So we went up stairs and moved as far from the garage as we could. When I pushed the unlock button it actually did unlock the car! So they told me I needed to put them in a metal box unless using. My son told me about your pouches. I ordered them and they work! I can have it right in the car and it won?t start. They have saved me a lot of time and trouble. So glad I found them!

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
Works on 2019
by Aaron T on August 05, 2019
Verified Purchase

Stick the fob in the correct pocket(tan color) and the bag blocks the signal, even with the remote start out. ""Access key not detected"" message shows when I tried starting the car.

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The next step in protecting a costly asset
by Abhishek L on August 07, 2019
Verified Purchase

Purchased upgraded Faraday bag immediately after reviewing a report detailing hazards associated with keyless car fob features. Given that I always lock my car with all Windows and sunroof also tightly closed when locked in garage, addition of protection afforded by he Faraday bag was the next step in more fully protecting my car.

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fob keeper
by Albert E C on August 09, 2019
Verified Purchase

"We are using it just to keep the FOB - which was loosing battery strengh in 3 months time...since the car and fob constantly communicate when within range.. Since it is (to us a new item) we do not know how long the battery will last.The other protections provide by the pouch - we were unaware of them being an issue. Thanks"

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This is a very good, durable Faraday bag to protect your key FOB!
by Masoud H on August 11, 2019
Verified Purchase

For those car thieves who are lurking out there in parking lots near you with special amplifying signal equipment to pick up your fob code and then drive away with your car after you leave, purchasing these Faraday pouches to contain the signal from getting out is really cheap insurance!

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Great product
by Wilson M on August 13, 2019
Verified Purchase

works to block key fob signal from criminals. The Faraday portion holds the key fob when you want to block the signal. then when you want to use the key fob you just pull it out of the pouch and put it in the other side of the case when using your car. the case also has a ring holder to hold your traditional keys. Nice that the package also comes with two cases so you have both key fobs covered.

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Fits my large Prius Fob.
by Anthony M on August 15, 2019
Verified Purchase

Nothing bad at all to say about the Protector.

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Keeps FOB from sending a signal to the car.
by Aimee K on August 17, 2019
Verified Purchase

Make sure when you put your FOB in, that it goes into the rear pouch that has a gold lining which is what will keep the FOB from sending a signal to the car. If you put it in the front one, it will not keep it from sending a signal. The pouch holds the FOB and maybe 2 keys. When you want to start your car or open the ""proximity"" sensor door, just open the flap of the pouch and point it to the car, this way you don't need to pull the FOB completely out. Works well.

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well designed, quickly delivered, provides value
by Irving K on August 19, 2019
Verified Purchase

Having just bought a new car, my research indicated that key fobs can drain car batteries. If you want to avoid draining your car battery, the key fob has to be a significant distance from the car, OR, placed in an RFID pouch of some kind, to block the constant communication between the car and the fob. The compartment is big enough to hold the fob, 3 house keys and a mail box key, all on a key chain connected to my fob. It holds all this stuff, not with much wiggle room, and allows me to close the velcro strap. It appears to be well made and of decent materials. If I had to buy another at sometime, this would be the standard I'd need to meet or beat. The vendor sent the product to me very quickly, and I'm happy with it.

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Protect your vehicle!
by Alaina J on August 21, 2019
Verified Purchase

This is a really good product we've been having some problems in the area where thieves are break into cars and our local police chief is recommend buying something like this to prevent your vehicles being broken into or stolen. These are there really nice and there's even a place if you want to put your credit cards in there you know with your key which makes it simple and also protects the credit card as well as the key fob.I bought two packs even because there's two fobs for a vehicle I I keep my spare fob in my house in a drawer so I also put it in one of these to protect it as well. It really works and for the price it could save you a lot of headaches! Don't think twice get it!

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perfect for my beach days
by Albert L on August 23, 2019
Verified Purchase

It works like it is supposed to. I actually attached a magnet to the bag and am able to stick it under my vehicle. I needed something for when I go to the beach. It works perfectly for that task. I can put my remote key fob in the bag, put the bag under the car, and go about my beach run without worrying. I tested out the bag by trying to unlock the car with the key in the bag directly under the car and it will not open. I also tried to start the car and it said that it could not find the remote. glad I bought this.

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