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What is the affiliate program?
  • The affiliate program allows people to earn money for directing traffic and sales to Chipkeys.com.
  • Affiliates will earn a commission of 5% of sales they bring in.
How Does it Work?
  • You place a banner or a link on your website ( chose from ones we have or make your own).
  • When people click that banner or link and come to Chipkeys.com and make a purchase, you get 5% of that sale.
How do I get paid?
  • Once your account reaches a balance of $25 or higher we will send you a check to the address you provide.
  • At the end of the year we send you a 1099 tax form.
How do I become a Chipkeys.com affiliate?
  • Click on the Continue button below, if you do not already have a chipkeys.com account it will make you create one.(it's free)
  •  After you create your account you will be taken to your "My Account" page, follow the affiliate program link from there.
  • If you already have a Chipkeys.com account simply click on the Continue button below.